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Hidden Sound Series - Soundscape Ecology - Conservation  

Hidden Sound Series research the relationship between art and science with a focus on soundscape ecology. It conveys the complex scientific material in a musical way, so that it reaches a wider audience.

Soundscape ecology is a growing conservation technology in the study of biodiversity, climate change and urban environment.  It demonstrates the sound in landscapes and compiles the relation between biophony, geophony and antrophony.

Recording, archiving and analyzing techniques of the sound in a specific environment provide crucial information for reliable results.  These results, visualizations of sound or spectrograms collect important information about levels of different parameters.  Open source programs scan databases that qualify the recorded sound for that type. This method constructs soundpatterns of the specific area.

In contrast with landscape research, soundscape ecology afford the acoustic dimension of changing landscapes that cannot be observed by the eyes. It examines how nature interacts with technological changes in their environment. For example, birds adjust their singing behaviour to noise nuisance caused by air traffic or wild rivers and that affects their nesting behaviour.

To summarize, soundscape ecology can have a major impact on our understanding and behaviour in terms of climate change and noise pollution. 




Abisko Access - (SE)

Changing perspectives: Nature’s contribution to people in the past, present and future of a changing climate.

Skagen Fuglstation - Skagen (DK)

Forestscapes - Collectief Publiek Geluid (BE) 

Nelimarkka Residence (Ajajärvi - FI)

Think Like A Forest - University of the Arts (Helsinki, FI)
Hidden Sounds: Eco acoustics of the anthropocene at Vallisaari, Helsinki, Finland

Coördinatie Zenne - (Brussels, BE)

Little Owl Project - Natuurpunt (BE)

Bat conservation - Natuurpunt (BE)

Bird Monitoring - Luomus (FI)“Community ecology through automated identification of animal sounds” by Ulisses Camargo

Field Recording workshop - University of the Arts (Helsinki, FI)


Field Recording Trip 2018 - (FI)

Church Square 1: GALM - Collectief Publiek Geluid (BE)

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