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During the residency at Villa Nelimarkka in February 2019, I was inspired by the landscape and explored the sound beyond it.

I arrived in the winterly landscape that has drastically changed in few weeks as a result of unusual temperature changes, a stare to spring, or not?

I brought the landscape into space and gives local sounds, which are often masked by human interaction, a voice. I converted the sound of the environment  into human language through a mix of acoustic, electronic and vocal sounds.

I've been recording underwatersounds for few days during a fieldtrip on the lake, the picture shows the setup of the hydrophone pending an overnight recording on Alajärvi lake with extreme temperature changes.  

Performance -  Talvi
05 February 2019 - Nelimarkka Museo - Alajärvi, FI

For the first performance, I've been accompanied with Laura Weber and had been inspired by Nelimarkka’s wooden house and its wintry surrounding. The temperature changes of the last days moved the organism and materials out of position that causes different textures of sounds.
Laura and me had our first duo performance where we composed the acoustics of the landscape by creating sonic spheres responded with tiny sounds of every day objects and acoustical instruments.


Sound - Joost Van Duppen

Piano & sound - Laura Weber


© Anri Gorski - Performance with Laura Weber at Nelimarkka Museo


© Art Work - Talvi


© Nelimarkka Museo

Performance - Tikka
14 February 2019 - Nelimarkka Museo - Alajärvi, FI

Tikka is the last track of the EP Kaamos and introduces you in the world of Alajärvi's forest by  the recording of two woodpeckers which were demarcated their borders in the early morning. 
The sound was distributed in quadraphony at the museum.   

Sound - Joost Van Duppen


© Art Work - Tikka

© Anri Gorski - Performance Tikka at Nelimarkka Museo

©Landscape Pekkola

© Anri Gorski - Performance Tikka at Nelimarkka Museo


Fieldtrip - Hydrophonic Recording - Set Up

During the third week of February the temperatures fluctuated between 5 ° C and -27 ° C.

The lake became a living soundscape.

Together with fisherman Veetu Rajala we went on the lake, near the Alajärvi Church as there's the deepest point, to drill a hole and record underwater for three nights.

These sounds are visualized in spectrograms.

The lake sounds go together with the movement of the temperatures, solar activity, wind, snow and rain, this is called geophony. Also the awakening of animals and people who move on the lake are transmitted on the surface.


©Alajärvi Lake 

©Setup hydrophone recording overnight

©Frozen hydrophone after 3 days recording at -27°C

©Hydrophone with ice residu 


Press Release                       


Final Performance - Hidden Sound Series - Hëräävä Alajärvi
 February 2019 - Villa Väinölä - Alajärvi 

"Hëräävä Alajärvi" I brought the sounds of the lake to Villa Väinölä, where the audience could close their eyes and dream away in the underwater world of Alajärvi. 
The performance was followed by an artist talk and the Northern Light: the beautiful surprise of the evening.  

©Church Alajärvi


© Anri Gorski - Performance at Villa Väinölla

© Anri Gorski - Artist Talk after Performance at Villa Väinölla


©Villa Nelimarkka

©Workspace during sunset

©Northern Light during and after the performance

Special thanks to Laura Weber, Veetu Rajala, Anri Gorski, Saila Sippa, Heidi Lappalainen, Elina Alkio, Maria Lampinen, Tarja Ahopelto, 

Päivi Haapaniemi and Nelimarkka’s family for the beautiful house.

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