Forest scapes is a part of Hidden Sound Series and a creation with the focus on the soundscape ecology of the environment. The sounds of the environment are converted into human language through acoustic, electronic and vocal sounds.
Local sounds, which often disappear in the anthrophony, are brought back to life.


Forest scapes (Neerpelt, BE) - Dawn in Dusk - a performance for Oortreders 2018 in collaboration with Collective Public Sound, which

was based on a field recording during sunrise at the beginning of autumn, where the forest was awakened by a few heavy showers.

The spectrogram will be the score of a new creation where everyone can dream away in dusk.


The primary creation was selected and published at https://citiesandmemory.com/ (Klankenbos Park)

And later performed on Oortreders 2018 with Collective Public Sound and support from Musica.


Photos: © Lukas Verdijk

© 2020 -  Joost Van Duppen