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Birds Whispers

(December 2023, Mustarinda, Finland)

During the Mustarinda residence I’ve spent time listening on my walks in the forest. It's not my first encounter

with silence, but the silence here is incredibly unique. In the past, I've recorded different places to document

silence, emphasizing locations where nature sounds prevail and depicting the current ecological state, even

during winter. But the silence here at the moment is very exceptional. The absorbing snow and the intense

cold, ranging from -15 to -24 degrees Celsius, seem to put nature on hold from making its usual sounds.

Because of this silence, I tried to revive the area around the house for the arrival of birds in spring. The sudden

presence of their sounds in a deeply frozen landscape evoked a surreal feeling – a mixture of confusion and a

somehow mysterious atmosphere. The absence of these sounds in spring would be noticeably different, as

silence in that season might a worrying absence of life, an unusual occurrence, considering the vibrant

ecosystem beneath the sounds.

Hearing perception in darkness becomes more acute, drawing us closer to nature’s soundscape. In the dark, we

are more attuned, making it easier to notice movements nearby compared to the day.

The recording was captured during the orchestration of bird sounds projected from four speakers in

acoustically interesting spots. Experimenting with bird sounds in such a silent environment was a unique

experience, especially compared to the urban environment where the sounds are less distinct.

Presentation during the open day, 9th of December 2023

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