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Soundcamp Gülper See was a 4 day listening and streaming event in Wolsier /Havelaue and at the Gülper See in Germany in Brandenburg, district Havelland.
It was organised by the sound artists and nature lovers Joost Van Duppen and Laura Weber. Between 2-5 May they realised together with musician Thomas van Walle the camp including a NABU bird tour, field recording sessions, a live stream and a performance.  Soundcamp is a listening network and artist collective based in London.
It was founded for the International Dawn Chorus Day (IDCD), what is held on every first Sunday of May. For IDCD people gather to listen to the sound of the birds while the sun rises.
Since 2014 Soundcamp hosts a 24 hour online broadcast named Reveil to bring together listening spots around the world. Everyone who has access to the internet and the required technology is invited to open a Soundcamp and participate in the stream. 

The Area: Gülper See
The Gülper See is one of Germany’s oldest existing nature reserves. It is known all over Europe for an unbelievable variety of endangered animal and plant species. As important gathering place for waterfowl and waders it is a popular pilgrimage for ornithologists and nature lovers. In spring and autumn several tens of thousands of water birds rest here, what creates a unique soundscape. Gülper See has been choosen by Joost Van Duppen and Laura Weber for the Reveil live stream, because of it’s unique acoustic diversity.

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Our originally plan and schedule could be realised succesfully. Soundcamp Gülper See was a great experience. The days have been very intense and felt to short to explore the whole dimension of the lake and it‘s bird live. Apart from that, we are happy that we took part in this project, realised a live stream to Reveil from a nature reserve and that we shared our work with a welcoming audience. We thank the soundcamp network, René Harsch, family Niklaus and the audience that joined our sound landscapes.

Bird species selection
Blackbird, black cap, black headed gull, chafffink, chiffhchaff, corn bunting, cranes, cuckoo, fitis, grasshopper warbler, lapwing, nightingale, reed bunting, reed warbler, savi warbler, sky lark, sparrow, yellow hammer

Schermafbeelding 2019-11-11 om 12.09.37.

Soundcamp Gülper See Impressum

Artists Joost Van Duppen, Laura Weber, Thomas van Walle,

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