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The inspiration for the Soor project of Mirrounds came from a field recording at a storage reservoir, which proofs to be a perfect example of human intervention in a natural environment. Humans are influenced by the contrast of the raggedness of nature with the tight lines of structures built by humans themselves.
Soor invites the spectator to move around in this landscape where light, textile and sounds influence each other, and incites to pause and consider the impact of humans on our environment.
The projection affects the textile being its source of light, but is at the same time affected by the texture of the textile. Through projections on textile and a surreal soundscape, an art work of experience and discovery arises which aims to slow down time and incite the public to reflection.
A musical performance will take place. Musicians Thomas van Walle, Jonathan Lambert and Joost Van Duppen will enter in discussion with the soundscape and the textile installation.
The name ‘Soor’ comes from ‘Tunnel de la Soor’ which ends up in the storage lake.

A lot of buildings are constructed in protected natural areas, polar ice is melting and in many cities people live in poverty.  Economics are more important than industry, which is more important than the ecology which is managing our health and future.

Today we grow to an economic ecology instead of to an ecological economy.​Mirrounds shows that our place in space starts from our roots in nature and our relationship to it.  Does it reflect the life outside us or life reflected by the media? 

This project is created by Joost Van Duppen & Thomas van Walle.
Textile Design by Lena Mariën.

The music is created by Thomas van Walle (Guitar),   Jonathan Lambert (Bass clarinet) and Joost Van Duppen (Sound & Synths)
 Sophie Pahud (Images)  Philippe Van Beeumen (Video Mapping)

Selected and broadcast on the National Contemporary Music Radio Klara 23/03/2017 at Late Night Shift from the Ithaka Art Festival 2017.
Special thanks to Gerrit Valckenaers ( & Ana Schultze ( follow link form 1h47m

Selected by Art Connected Berlin:  

What would art be without light? Not much! Light has the ability to change a scene completely and set the tone for the whole artwork. Well, no need to turn the lights on today – these artists have done it for you!

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