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The Choreographic Coding Lab (CCL) was a part of the Fiber Festival 2017  and offers unique opportunities of exchange and collaboration for digital media artists who have an interest in translating aspects of choreography and dance into digital form and applying choreographic thinking to their own practice. Working with patterns in movement scores and structures through finding, generating and applying them with results ranging from prototypes for artworks to new plug-ins for working with dance related datasets.


During the CCL of Amsterdam I've set up an interactive dummy installation of Mirrounds - Soor projection where visuals interact with the audience.

Different setups we tried are VDMX data from processing by Kinect and Kinect processed by VVVV.
However the outcome of the last combination has a more sustainable dataflow.
Further development of motion tracking with Kinect in different positions on screen, but also on stage for dance performance could be an outcome in collaboration with 

This was supported by                                   (SE),                           (AU) and                        (JP)  

The second project was a collaboration with                        (DE) to test Pygmalion which is a body morphogenesis, performance, where the dancer using digital, visual, sonic sensors and material interaction to create a corpus of mages and generated sound. 

The moving body is a visual and acoustic phenomenon.  It reveals only the least necessary to create a visual and sonic poetry, which gives the viewer space for imagination.
This time we've tried out the sensors with i-pods which sent OSC data to Ableton and trigger live parameters to create and manipulate the sound which is influence the movement of the body.

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