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Ballet Mecanique is a video created by Fernand Léger This version is soundscaped by sampled recordings and synths.

'How a Mosquito Operates' from cartoonist and animator Winsor Mc Cay is one of the first silent animated films.
The sounds were created by household utensils, sampled and processed in Ableton.
Music is composed by ' Pat und Patachon - Eric Frantzen Chor & Orchester - Bulimie-Song-Instrumental' and ' Lucas Marcolino - Pizzicato-Léo Delibes'

'Klein Is Fijn' is a 72 hour collaboration project that tells a storie about a girl, a journalist and an hearing impaired diamond sharpener and their perception of sound in daily live.  This was produced at the Sound Design and Video Arts Department of the Royal Academy  of Fine Arts Antwerp.  Screened on Ampersand festival 2014.

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