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Audiotalaia residence in El Pollel (SP) was a collaboration between international sound artists during summer 2017 curated by Edu Comelles.

First day we discovered sound from surroundings in nature by walking and one shot recording through the national park.

Followed by the microphone workshop that learned us how to build simple contact microphones with piezo-electric capsules and stereo omnidirectional microphones with Electret Capsules. 

Inne Eysermans (BE), Lucia Chamorro (UY), Joost Van Duppen

Field Recordings - Sound For Donkeys






Itxaso Navarro (Cello - SP), Frazer Merrick (Live Coding - UK), Evan Tarrh (Casio - UK), Joost Van Duppen (FX)

Soundscape as performance.


Inne Eysermans, Itxaso Navarro, Rafael Canete (SP), Lucia Chamorro
Radio Catalonia


Timo Vaillianen (Tower installation - FI), Valerio Orlandini (Speech edit and organ - IT), Joost Van Duppen (Soundscape)

Sound installation related on location.

The old 15th century church was locked and we couldn’t enter it.  Small broken windows gaves us the opportunity to use the church as a reverb room.
One speaker was installed at the back window that creates a stereo reverb sound in the front as there were one open window and an old wooden door with slits.
A soundscape was projected into the church that tells its history. The audience could sit down in the cemetery on two benches.
The tower installation was the opening performance by Timo to the closing concert. 


Audiotalaia - Sound for Donkeys
Audiotalaia - Jam
Audiotalaia - Church Installation
Audiotalaia - Radio Catalonia
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