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Joost Van Duppen creates soundscapes for different media. Field recordings play a crucial role in his work, often serving as the starting point that interwines with new compositions.

After his scientific studies, he obtained a master's degree in music design from the University of the Arts in Utrecht (NL) and Helsinki (FI). Where he discovered his great love for nature and silence. This influenced his first solo album Kaamos, followed by Soor from the Mirrounds Ensemble.
Some of his works have been recorded by a number of platforms such as Composition Award (2017, Bozar, BE) Cities and Memory (2018,UK), (2020,UK), Radio Forest (2021, BE), Datsha Radio (2021, FI) and Brussels Metro (2023, BE).
Furthermore, he started the research in soundscape ecology, an emerging field that combines conservation technology with the study of biodiversity, climate change and urban environment.  He collaborates with various international institutions, research centers and nature organizations.
Currently he lives in Brussels and combines his passion for sound and science in his artistic practice.


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