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Back Space indicates the ‘backspace’ keyboard, ‘could you remove what you share on internet?’ Back

Space refer also to the internet ‘underground’, ‘Beyond the screen?’

Back Space creates a account on social media and follow specific groups to experiment how this

augmented/virtual media present the ‘reality’, how we get contra dictionary information.


The intermedia expo opened begin November 2018 during ALT+R EGO Festival at Zinnema, Brussels.
It invited the visitor to check an open Facebook profile showed on a computer at the beginning of the exhibition followed by illustrations of Laura Weber,  which showed different characters of social media and were interspersed with a digital live cam portrait and a mirror as a symbol of the newest to primitive form of augmented reality today.

The Facebook profile followed marketing, newspapers, extreme political and religious groups. Before presenting them to the audience, these groups were followed by only liking for several weeks which created a very interesting profile. 
At the end the profile had more then 120 friend requests, countless other requests from political and commercial pages to follow and yes also 'friends' sent messages with the weirdest questions. It is striking that commercial and right-winged political groups received extra attention on Facebook.
These shows again how powerful social media and it's reliability is.
In the middle of the expo, the visitor could listen to the Ghetto Booster to a mix of many comments on social media and interviews recorded from local residents rebuilt into a musical sound landscape.


Artistic coordination - Joost Van Duppen
Artistic Assistant - Thomas van Walle
Illustrations - Laura Weber
Composition - Joost Van Duppen - Thomas van Walle  

Back Space - Joost Van Duppen & Thomas van Walle
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